Thursday, June 28, 2007


So a full 6 months after Ico demolished my glasses I have finally gotten a new pair. In the months since my cat's clumsiness/body mass robbed me of a correct prescription, I've been forced to wear an old pair that I got in summer 2000... which led to migraines, ill-fitting frames, and a decidedly blurry view of the world. I was just going to get the frames fixed but was informed that those frames are not available anymore, thus prompting Cleo and I to settle upon brand new frames. They're different from any other glasses I've had before and I REALLY like the change. Go glasses!

You're not an anarchist! You're just a democrat!

So recently Bethany and I packed up and ran off to Brooklyn for the Renegade Craft Fair, located in an empty pool approximately 5 miles from the sun. It pretty much ruled. Tons of artists, thousands of people, and ice creams galore.
Bethany and her best friend Megan fared quite well, selling loads and loads of things made of fabric and making friends with like-minded kids. One 8 year old boy stole a pin while we made eye contact with him. We were so impressed that we let him go with it but he was soon apprehended by his father and the pin was returned.
We trolled around NJ, from Ringwood to Seaside Heights to the overgrown and overvandalized Fairytale Forest. We were so freaking busy with prior engagements and and family that I didn't get to hang out with dear friends in the area... so apologies to all, we'll be back later this year and we'll do the town.

My dad and I Wii'd it up. For never having played it before I felt I put up a more than decent fight. I felt a tad Oedipal in the virtual battle to topple my father... thankfully the mom part never came to pass... or the eyes thing... More than anything, it was really really really great to get to spend some time with Cleo, away from our normal worries and routine. We were saddened upon returning home to watch our dear friends The Last Hope leave for a month-long tour. I'll miss my bros. If they're coming by your town, be sure to go check them out. And feed them, they're emaciated to begin with.

In other news, I'm very very very busy with work for bands, labels and code monkeys. I'm back to walking daily, petting the cat, hitting The End on monday nights, and hanging with the wife. Oh, and I've been playing a lot of Crackdown. It's a game where you're a crazy super police agent fighting huge crime syndicates... but it seems to be just me running around lighting up everything combustible, luring gangs into fights on freeways and shooting the tires off of their tanks so they go flipping down the road and then hitting them in mid-air with a rocket, and then leaping between skyscrapers. The physics in this game almost overrules any sense of objective and you end up just seeing what kind of crazy havoc you can cause with it. In fact, I think the sheer random fun you can have with the physics deserves a youtube video to demonstrate.

So yes, that is life as of tonight. I'm going to email some clients, take the garbage out, and go to bed.

Monday, June 11, 2007