Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ico asleep on my wife's desk.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

"Sometimes the safest place to stand is right in front of the person holding the weapon. There's a reason for that!"

So things could be better, but then again couldn't they always? Taxes didn't go all that well, my stomach hurts and I just midnight snacked so I'm gonna feel awful tomorrow. But you know what? We're going to be ok. It's all going to be ok. Life goes on and I'm excited about our future. It is crazy adventure and we're all about that. We have each other, our friends, our families, and just enough cash to get by. What more can you really ask for?

So next month the new World/Inferno album comes out. I'm intensely looking forward to it. I know I rant about them a lot, but they are the best band you've never heard of and you're missing out if you're not on board. Here's a poorly recorded snippet of them playing something from the new album in Germany.

I find that life is really so little about getting it right, and so much more about getting through it well. Some of my worst screwups have been spun into the greatest times of my life. The space between answers is really where life happens.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Death and Taxes.

So it's been a surreal week. Been busy working and, oddly enough, recording some music with members of a band I haven't played with since spring of '01. That's a looooooooooooooooooooong time ago. They've all recently gotten the abilities and inclination to rock some remote recording, so last night I laid down some sick guitar to a bass track that was recorded in Nebraska. Those tracks will be shipped all over PA for drums, trombone and trumpet and then down to Georgia for sax and mixing, then to California for mastering. I love the time period in which we live. I hung out with Mr. John Ruth last night and this morning (crashed in Indiana overnight) and had a freaking blast. John's a good guy indeed.

In other news, I've been in a really bad mood all evening, for stupid reasons. I think I've just been really busy and hurried constantly for the past few days and I just want to relax for a bit and get back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen anytime soon, as tomorrow we go to meet our certain uppity demise at the hands of an accountant. We were broke as all hell and very very busy last April so we filed and extension for our 2006 taxes. Now that we have some extra cash we're filing our taxes. We spent the evening fretting over our preparations but I must say- for 2 completely unorganized tax filers, we are darn organized this year.

We have everything in envelopes and folders in a big file. Everything is labeled clearly and coherently. It's similar to the first day of a new year of school... you get the kid new supplies and get really effing organized partly to give the kid a sense of control and preparedness. The flipside to that is no Trapper-Keeper will save the kid from social anxiety or boredom or gym class terror. And so though I feel very prepared (relatively speaking), I'm also just afraid the accountant is going to be a big, expensive jerk who will not understand how hard we've tried and will simply mock us for not having it all together. Who indeed has it all together?

In other news, I'm replaying one of my all time favorite games, the justifiably beloved Castlevania - Symphony of the Night.
It's a super cheap download on xbox live and I've been sinking some time into it over the past few days. It's still sooooooooooooooo good. I'm just about at the end and working on grabbing those elusive xbox 360 achievements. Go play it.

Well, I'll update as things occur here... stay tuned for new artwork and ... (drum roll) .... new items in my web store!! Yes! Start saving your cash!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

You put the rad in comrade!

So it's been a really good week. I've officially dropped about 40 pounds in the past few months just from eating better and walking throughout the week. I'm pretty proud and happy. I'm halfway there, living on a prayer.

I spent the evening rocking out the artwork for my first 1 inch pin set! Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the availability. I'm really happy with these. I hope the general public will like them as well.

I'm looking forward to friends coming back to the South Side in the next month, and fall on the horizon. I associate certain music with certain seasons, so I know from my hankering for specific songs that I'm ready for the next season to begin. But here we are in the middle of summer, and it's been one of the best summers I've had in awhile. Huzzah.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Jack dropped 21, Jill 22

Biblical Murder #3, Abel.

Spending the last 24 hours working on this has really given me time to think about how sad that story really is, and what it entails... for example, if this was indeed the first murder, Cain would be embarking on quite the experiment as no one had ever killed anyone before. This would also mean that Abel probably didn't know how to much defend himself, and being the first person to die, would have no cultural context in which to place his untimely demise. So this makes the whole story a bit more intimate, more sketchy and vague in how it happened. Cain couldn't have rationally understood exactly what would happen to Abel, though his intentions were clear. And Abel could have in no way defended himself or even fully understood what was happening. Makes for an interesting scene, no?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

There she goes, my beautiful world

One of the only Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds albums I didn't previously have came into my possession a couple of days ago and it's REALLY REALLY REALLY good. Abattoir Blues is just great, it's a really accessible Bad Seeds record and Nick's all crazy with the gospel choir backup singers. I've been listening to it more or less non-stop. Check out this live video for a taste of the greatness. Punk rock 2 tha maxx!

Cleo and I checked out Transformers tonight. The 20 minutes of robot fighting were AWESOME, that's more or less what we paid for. The animators deserve medals, and the robots themselves were rather likeable for nonexistent automata. Everything else was god-awful. Seriously. Cringe-worthy at times. SO many things were just freaking sickeningly awful that it really reaffirmed my absolute hatred for just about anything Micheal Bay is attached to. His films have this tone that's just... nauseating. And no one can say "Well, I mean it's a movie about Transformers... you can't expect it to be good". That's not true. They could have gone the route of Batman Begins and played it totally straight faced. OR they could have gone the very stylized route, the way John Tuttoro played his character... it was like he was the only one who got the memo that the movie was about giant, talkative robots. But freaking Michael Bay goes for a terrible mix of the both of them, so all of it just comes off terrible. Also, I don't know if it's just my own hangups talking but it seemed to be pretty crazy on the political subtext. And the way this thing was shot was just... terrible. The action scenes are shot in a combo of those two uber-chic action film shooting methods of the day: choppy cutting and handheld shots. In and of themselves these are fine elements. The problem is that these two things do not mesh with the shooting from the rest of the film, making the action scenes just confusing, disorienting, and annoying. There were parts where two giant robots are fighting where I honestly got irritated because they couldn't show a single complete action in a shot. When Optimus Prime bodyslams Megatron into the ground, I would just LOVE to be able to witness it, to get a sense of the absolute carnage coming down. With very few exceptions this sadly was not the case. So Cleo and I sat through the 120 minutes or so of terrible characters saying terrible lines in a terrible plot that stopped making sense (Cleo sez: Why didn't the robots just BUY the glasses off of eBay? They can't hack a phony paypal transaction?) just to see what we came for: robot-on-robot havoc. No army commercials. No bad love story. No lengthy (?!) masturbation (?!) jokes (?!). No racial profiling. No DOG PEEING JOKES. And honestly, the robot boxing was pretty darn great. So skip the movie, just wait until it's on dvd and skip to the part you came for, because the rest is honestly not worth watching.

So, to review:




In other news, I've finally put out the second in the Biblical Murders series (the first was Jezebel). This one comes from the book of Judges. My bible trivia scholarship is good for something! This is going to be available sometime as soon as I can scrounge up the money to actually have it printed.

John Ruth, Carolyn, their children and Carolyn's family were all in my living room for approximately 90 minutes or so this evening, eating pizza and chatting. It was interesting and our living room has never seemed so small and yet so large.

So there you have it, it's been a productive day.

It 2 hours we're going to help our friend Travis (the piercer from In The Blood Tattoo) move into his new house, so that should be fun. I've pulled my first all-nighter in awhile and it was just great, thanks.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

If today the ground gives in...

So I never do this, but I've redone a piece from almost exactly a year ago. In preparation for actually making this available as a print I've gone back and fixed everything (and there were many things) that bothered me about the original. You can see the original in my second ever post on this blog, in July of '06.

More art featuring scary girls and havoc to come.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

From Her To Eternity

I'd seen parts of it before, but watching the whole of Wings of Desire is just a beautiful experience. Also, it's original german title is "Heaven Over Berlin" which is a much better name. Go watch it.

There are some amazingly profound moments in the film, some parts that caught me completely off guard with a level of... dare I say transcendence? It captures such a wonderful (and I would say Christ-like) idea of eternity bottled in small moments... a universe that does not need humanity but is intensely focused on it... immense significance happening daily, one story being played out by millions of individuals. It elevates existence to it's rightful place - we are all sparrows, but not one is unimportant or insignificant. There is a lot here. I could blather on about it, but I'll just leave it as a strong recommendation. See this movie.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Honey I'm Homely

Working working working. Had some amazingly good times with friends, wife and cat this weekend. I'm still peeling from the beach trip 2 weeks ago.

2 days ago I stayed up all night chasing a virus around my hard drive. It was worth it to see this in the early early morning, before the sun completely rose.

I'm also very happy with this recent ad I did for the wifey:

I'm listening to The Muffs and that kinda rules.