Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Look at me! Still talking when there's science to do!

Golly it's been a busy few months. Very very busy. Let's start with some recent artwork.

Ska punks from New Orleans.

Possibly available by the end of the month? Maybe?

There's other stuff I'm working on as well. Cool stuff. Maybe really cool stuff, but you can be the judge of that. I'm just trying to figure out how to present it best, in a way that will suit the project. So be patient but vigilant. It'll be up within a week or so.

I've had some lovely times with my wife lately. She's a peach. Our 2 year anniversary was a week ago, don't you know? Yes. She made a cake that kicked our butts and made us sleep. It was magical and terrifying. She made a spur-of-the-moment decision to attend a crafty/thrift type market on sunday and she sold very well. I am consistently amazed by her and couldn't be more proud of what she does. Hooray for Cleo.

I've also had some great times with friends... on friday Cleo, Dylan, Denman, Caitlyn, Keri, I and a few other people whose names I am sadly forgetting went to:
I was cheesy, disorienting and awesome. I loved every minute of it. The weather was chilly and cloudy, with a big bright moon - perfect haunted house weather. After the craziness of this year it's been really good to take a breath, look around, and enjoy my favorite season/month/holiday.


So I got The Orange Box and have been whooping it up on Team Fortress 2. If you have a 360 and a copy, hit me up - my user id is Bombsfall. I'm enjoying Half-Life 2 and am really looking forward to Eps 1 and 2. But the real star of this bundle for me is Portal. This has probably dethroned Bioshock as my personal Game of the Year. I can't really explain why it's so great except to say that is is ingenious, beautifully and sparsely designed, well-written, funny, dark, disturbing, cheerful and poignant all in one 4 hour package. Go get it. And check out the video below.

Mom, I'm making you play this at Christmas.

Otherwise, I'm busy busy busy with work, wondering what the next big life-sucking project will be, and trying not to stress about things I can't control. Sometimes when you feel like you need to wrest control of your life, you need to let go a bit. That can be so hard. We have a lot of things going on. Not all of them are fun. But we'll make it through because there's more to life than money and credit and the IRS. There's also pizza and haunted houses and loved ones and good friends and my cat and good bands and good games...