Friday, November 16, 2007

Beowulf was a Beojerk!

So I want an epic poem about me. I want it to chronicle my triumphs and mourn my defeats. And it should be really really long. And it should talk about the time I called off work 4 days in a row to beat Final Fantasy 9 in the spring of '01. And about the time in high school Kevin Delaney and I had an epic movie fest with some friends and I ate a bunch of cheese and crackers, and how the next morning I got the worst food poisoning imaginable. And maybe we can throw in how awesome my wife and cat are. And how it's cool to read. That'll be for the kids.

Speaking of epic poems, I talked through the majority of the first plot arc of Olde Jersey this week, and I'm really loving working on this. It's my first stab at a comic, at long fiction, and at keeping up on a weekly project. I don't know how many read this who are unaware of my every move, but for those, I offer this gushing explanation.

Olde Jersey is a comic, on the web for now. When the first story is done, I plan on releasing it in some printed form or another. It takes place in a fairy-tale-ish form of my beloved homeland, that jewel of the east coast, that under-appreciated and over-criticized world of happy diners, well-kept highways and reasonably-priced, greasy food- New Jersey. The story stars some talking animals doing some things you may not have seen talking animals do in a long time. I'm really proud of it thus far and am loving every minute of making it. So go to and check it weekly.

Also, I'm finally selling some stuff online. The great kids over at Zambooie are hosting my webstore and handling shirt-printing duties. Check it! And buy stuff! Do it!

First out of the gate are the Biblical Murders shirts. You know you want them and I know where you can get them. Oh yes. You know too.
Now it's the middle of the night and my computer has a virus and I can't send files to my current client because of it, and I'm fixing that. That's what the middle of my night is looking like.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Dismember November!

So November, as a month, is growing on me. I used to dislike it greatly, but now I think it's just fine.

It's been a ridiculously busy 2 weeks or so. Sunday before last Slash, Cleo and I went out to State College to see the Bouncing Souls and World/Inferno Friendship Society. It was grand, grand, grand. WIFS played what was maybe the best set of theirs I'd seen and The Souls made me very happy indeed.

I don't even remember what all happened the next week, other than I worked a lot, slept little and beat Half Life 2 : Episode 2. Cleo also got a rad tattoo of a puking cat. Seriously. It rules. Last Saturday Cleo had a Halloween-themed show, pictures of which you will find below.

Cleo = dead crafter! Septic needle wound to the forehead! Zounds!
Me = hot!

On Sunday we attended Pumpkinfest at a local family-owned farm thingy. I think we were the only adults there without kids, but we got to take a hayride, support the boy scouts by buying hot dogs, and pet all kinds of livestock.

On Tuesday evening, rather impulsively, we decided to attend the annual World/Inferno Friendship Society show, Hallowmass, on Halloween night. So after a flurry of phone calls to secure housing and entrance to the show, we left Pittsburgh for my parents house in northern Jersey. We got to hang out with my parents as well as my sister and her fiance, and that was just awesome. I even got to hand out Skittles to trick-or-treaters! Our drive to Brooklyn saw us (in line with tradition), missing our exit and getting lost for about 15 minutes. Once we arrived we were greeted by the friendly face of John O'Connor and then Mr. Greg Daily and the evening began to improve quickly and drastically. The show was one of the most violent and chaotic ones I've ever attended. I've been to crazier ones but the crowd size at those were nowhere near the gigantic mass of humanity in front of the stage at Hallowmass.

It was a good time. Here's a video I took from our perch next to the stage.

A week or so earlier the WIFS kids asked me to do a short animation loop for projection outside the venue, and here it is. I like to think of it as the world's shortest animated art film featuring a pumpkin.

Upon returning to Pittsburgh I have a good amount of work to do and no time in which to do it, for early tomorrow morning we are picking up our hilarious friend Meg and motoring on down to Bethesda, Maryland for the Unusual Suspects indie craft show. Providing we don't drive the car into a pylon out of sheer hatred of ANOTHER lengthy drive, it should be a grand time. Next week looks like a lot of work, possibly playing through the campaign mode on Halo 3 (a series that I am honestly a bit apathetic towards), and getting not one but TWO tattoos! Oooooh!

And finally, last week saw the launch of something near and dear to my own heart, that being my very first comic strip. It is a weekly serial, updated monday-ish, and will follow the misadventures and misfortunes of some of the citizens of Olde Jersey. I'll be talking a lot more about this in the future, and possibly providing some commentary on some of the strips as the go along. But be sure to bookmark the page now and check back often to see what unfolds!