Monday, May 26, 2008


Hey! Apologies for not updating recently! I've been super busy. I'll have a big update sometime later this week. Enjoy the awesome that is spring.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last one out of liberty city.

On Friday we received this:
From these wonderful people:

Dylan and Denman, we love you to death.

If anyone's on xbox live and want to go crazy, hit me up! My tag is Bombsfall.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I saw that a lot of interweb-artists are doing this here thing of drawing themselves as teenagers as well as their current selves. Here's my entry... I had to do two teenage sketches since I came in two distinctly flavors back then. Click the pic to view full-size!

All of you artists should do this! It's fun, revealing AND self-indulgent!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

world without context

So I really love people. Anyone who knows me can attest to this. I tend to cut everyone way too much slack and give everyone way to much credit.

That having been said, I'm about this close to permanently swearing off making an attempt to initiate conversation with anyone unless they pass some cursory exam stating that they have some clue of what they are talking about, have something interesting to say, and can understand context. I'm sorry if that sounded snobby, I don't want to sound like I'm some great master of the spoken word. It was just a really irritating night for conversation. Honestly, people...

(EDITORS NOTE - In hindsight, that came out a bit harsh. It's a day later and I feel better. Feel free to talk to me anytime, kids.)

In happier news, I snaggled this out of a dumpster last friday...

It's old, it's awesome, it's now holding my watercolor supplies. I've cleaned and sanded the inside of it and I have some more elaborate restoration plans for it in the future, like a couple of little compartments I can open and close. Also, check out when it was made:

I've been burning the candle at every conceivable end lately... I've dropped a rather alarming amount of weight lately. This is nice for my long-term diet plans, but murder on my actual physical well-being. It's been work work work here - prints, websites, animation and destroying the hopes and dreams of western pa with Slash Policy.

Speaking of prints, here's the second print from me. No, I don't condone murder, but this is alphabetical, from axe to zip gun!
3 colors, hand made, available in a very small run at
It was a very late night making these, and Ico kept me company despite his incredible sleepiness.
That is one sleepy cat.

Thursday, May 01, 2008



This is my year for expanding, breaking new ground, and learning new things. I am happy about that. As a dear friend once said, "Nature abhors a rut".

We are now screenprinting at the apartment.
BATHROOM/DARKROOM! We've since moved to the kitchen.
Screenprinting Bethany is super hot! Note that, similar to everything we do, this operation is pretty brass-tacks.
My first design on the screen. I love it.
Gaze upon my minions on the print/laundry drying rack!
They are great. It's so true.
The two hour printing session (preceded by a several-hour long prep process) was aided by the company of Ico Benson on the floor and the Chrono Trigger episode of Retronauts on the old mp3 player. After the first 40 minutes I kinda zenned out. I REALLY LIKE the process on printing, I like the fact that I can get into my art version of Hack Mode and really pour over the small details. I never noticed before how obsessive I get about tiny little details in my artwork.

And here is the first print! It's a limited edition of 25, available at my old print store, BOMBSFALL.ETSY.COM. I'm going to be keeping my Summaries store more focused on the painting thing and using the Bombsfall store as my catch all for prints and other such things. But getting back to this piece - I LOVE IT. It's rare that I love anything I make, but I like this one a great deal. I was going to add some sort of disclaimer about the message, but no. I stand by it. Go read something, even if it's a wikipedia page. Just be sure to cross reference with other sources... wikipedia can be a bit on the sketchy side at times. Anyway, let me give you a few reasons why you should buy one:

1. It's on really freaking nice paper. This stuff feels like cloth almost. I love it so much and plan on printing a crap ton of things on it.
2. I'd like to keep doing other designs and I need the encouragement.
3. It would make Bethany happy.
4. Also, even one comes with an super-awesome authenticity card.
5. On the back, my official stamp. I relish the chance to use this stamp any chance I get.I am so excited to be printing. I've had a long-standing flirt going on with doing prints, dating back to the digital ones I used to sell on Etsy. I was never really happy with them and looking back on them now I shift uncomfortably in my seat, completely unhappy with how my art looked at that point. But now that we can do actual prints at our apartment, we can make cards, posters, little detailed prints, books, calendars, tshirts, patches and so forth. I have SO MANY IDEAS, and you shall see them as soon as we get our shipment of supplies in later this week. We found some cheap supplies that should last us for awhile. So if you like this first print, go buy one. If not, please check back often and see some of the stuff we'll be coming out with at or (she has a full on MINOR in printmaking and will be churning out some sweet squiddie-themed ephemera).

Oh yeah, and this means that when I'm ready for 3 color registration, we'll FINALLY see those Biblical Murders prints. Finally.

So April has been TOUGH. Not bad, just tough. Like lifting something heavy is tough. Here are some good things going on right now.

1. Let me just tell you how great my wife is. I realize that I brag about her a lot, and I'm going to now do so in blog form. Bethany is just awesome. She likes good music, good movies, and good books. She is very smart, actually pays attention to current events and can make a decent literary reference. She likes Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, and The Venture Brothers. When she saw actual gameplay videos of Grand Theft Auto 4 this week, her jaw hit the floor just like mine did (in a good way - that game looks incredible. we can't wait to reduce the population of Liberty City with rampant vehicular abuses). Bethany isn't naggy, has no feeling of entitlement, and she makes amazing cupcakes. She also made these cinnamon rolls from scratch this one time and I bid her take them from our house so I wouldn't eat all of them. These are only a few of the myriad reasons why Bethany is simply the greatest.

2. So a lot of you know that I've been on a diet over the past year... I was endeavoring to lose 90 lbs or so. I've now lost about 60 of those pounds and it's great. I feel better. Also, I can now wear some of my old shirts. Stay tuned for more... whenever I hit my goal (later this year, I do think), I'll do some big post with super self-congratulatory photo comparisons. Actually, you should probably just skip that post whenever it comes along.

3. I got really burnt out on art a few months ago. Last month I started watercolor painting and this month I've started sceenprinting. Switching around the mediums and techniques has really gotten me excited about design and art again. I have so many ideas and I really enjoy the whole process of what I'm doing. I'm still doing a ton of digital art and animation but I'm really looking forward to going further with all of this new stuff.

So that's my big update for the moment. Check out the prints and stop back for more info... because there will be more info... soon.