Saturday, August 23, 2008

A great and lazy youtube post.

So no sooner do I get back to blogging when I take another break.

Truth is, I've been doing the preliminary time at a new job at an actual honest-to-good production studio. One that ISN'T populated by volatile, hateful, superstitious confederates!

It's looking good and in 10 days or so I'll know if I've gotten it. As such, I've worked overtime 5 out of the last 10 workdays, and I'll be crashing there sunday night to finish a project before monday. Hooray. Feel great about that.

I'll do a big post when it's official. This doesn't mean I'm done doing my own artwork and animation... that's part of the reason I want to stop relying on freelancing to pay my bills. But more on that if indeed this works out.

Anyway, to the three of you who read this, I'll have more soon... I'll actually have TIME to post on a regular basis again! I'm even preparing a new series of blog posts that are all kinds of topical... you'll love them. Check back soon.

Also, my birthday is Tuesday. I'll be 27.

In the meantime, enjoy these. I've been listening to a ton of Tom Waits at work lately, mostly Bone Machine, Alice and Blood Money. Whenever I think I've settled on a favorite album of his, I find that the next day I'm on to another one. You may not know how to take Tom Waits, or enjoy him, but watch these and I'm sure you'll at least understand why we think he's just the greatest.

First: The press conference video for his last tour. Watch it!

Bone Machine is such an awesome, abrasive, destructive record. Check this video from 1992. It's super great for several reasons, not least of which is that it's from the Arsenio Hall show. What ever happened to him? Anyway, remember that Tom is into his 40's in this vid, its his 3rd decade of making music and its his hardest record ever.

Maybe that's part of why I'm listening to Tom a lot lately... I'm definitely feeling a tad older these days... things tire me out a tad quicker... my digestive system responds to things differently... I pull muscles in my back a bit easier. I have this gum infection thing above my one tooth and I have this long-standing phobia of losing teeth so it's been freaking me out for the past few days. Cleo assures me that it's nothing serious and it'll go away after a few days and it's due mainly to my very harsh manner of brushing my teeth. I've been trying to figure out why I've been so afraid for so many years about my teeth falling out... I have nightmares about it somewhat regularly. It's not something that I obsess over, it's just something that crosses my mind and makes me shudder sometimes. But tonight when I was talking to Cleo about it I realized that part of it is the idea that something that was part of me is not there anymore, that part of me has died, a part that is not naturally replaceable. It's like this is the only right incisor whatever I'm getting. Once it's gone, it's gone unless they can shove it back in there. For some reason I associate it with death, and the idea that as you get older some things about your body stop working like they used to, and some things go away that never return. There's a hopeless permanence in that, like a room that slowly shrinks when you're asleep, a few inches a year. Like continental drift or something.

Yes, I think about this in my mid-20's. I know that it's a travesty. Deal with it.

Anyway, among many other things Tom does for us is point out that you can do your best work well into the twilight of your life. I really love the stuff he's done in the past decade or so. The guy was in his 50's when he recorded most of my favorites of his. The man is putting out his best stuff and touring every year when most people are thinking about AARP being afraid of people under 30.

With or without teeth, I hope I'm 1/10th this cool when I'm pushing 60.

Anyway, that's the news from here. My file is done rendering so I'm going to bed.

Speaking of very cool guys who are now older, check out this awesome/hilarious video from 1985. He was 27, coincidentally. This video was made in Berlin by germans.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Central Park? That seems strange.

Oh dear, The Happening. You are not a good movie. Oh no. Not a good movie at all.

The sheer amount of laughter you teased from Cleo, The Holeczys and I tonight at the dollar theater was delightful, though, and for that I thank you. It was worth standing in a long line and braving the ravenous crowds there for $.50-bring-your-own-bucket-for-popcorn-night. You were a bad, bad movie but it was a good, good night.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


After Effects!