Saturday, June 27, 2009

Renegade Recap!

Cleo Dee Renegade 09 Recap from Scott Benson on Vimeo.

Back, plus best thing I've seen all day - 6/27/09

Totally back, kids.

It's been one of the busiest months of my life, full of work, travel, toil, learning and sleep. So you'll forgive me if this post is a bit disjointed.
First of all, I saw Transformers 2 today with an exasperated coworker. It was somehow worse than I was expecting it to be, which puts it at a solid 1 out of 10 or something. I'd love to write some sort of dissertation on why this movie is so hateful (and maybe I will), but for now I cannot think of a better written review of the film than this, from io9.

I like this picture.

In other news this is probably, motion-wise, the best motion graphics piece I've ever seen. Check it and enjoy.

CRAZY ENOUGH - Title Sequence from Jr.canest on Vimeo.