Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I MADE A MIXTAPE FOR YOU, just in time for holiday traveling. I did it because I like you.

It will be available for as long as Mediafire decides. So grab it now.

And then you can rock out. Also, you can judge my music taste, but I can spoil the ending for you: MY TASTE IS FANTASTIC. I also drew a fun cover for it while watching shit get real on Boardwalk Empire. Enjoy!

I had initially written a long post detailing my thoughts on every song. Yes. I did that. But then I thought "Hey, that's a little weird and obsessive. I should delete that". And so I did. Now you'll simply have to enjoy the tracks completely without context. I'm sure you'll make it through. I have faith in you.

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Denman Rooke said...

Thanks for sharing. It's great!